Meet the artist behind

All artworks you see on this website is made by Vegard. Vegard Løwe is a self-taught artist whose passion for painting began at a young age.

Meanwhile, he has pursued a professional career in various fields, he rediscovered his love for art during the COVID-19 pandemic. Painting became his sanctuary and a way to express his innermost feelings. Vegard's journey as an artist started in his small apartment and quickly grew as people showed interest in his work.

Secure packaging and shipping

Your artwork is carefully packaged to ensure safe transit. Prints are packed in custom-designed, high-quality cardboard tubes, with heavy-duty plastic caps to create a moisture-resistant seal. These tubes are tailored to each piece, ensuring a snug fit.

Original paintings are packed with bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard for extra protection. The bubble wrap cushions the artwork, while the cardboard prevents bending and impact damage.

Both packaging methods ensure your artwork arrives in pristine condition, ready to be displayed.

Secure packaging